Cookies Policy

What is a cookie ?

Cookies are small text files installed on your device when you visit our website.


What are cookies for?

We use cookies to offer a more efficient visit on our website. Cookies also allow us to better your experience on the website.


Our use of cookies

We use cookies for:

– Remember your login information.

– Identify you when you login on our website.

– Remember your navigation preferences such as language.

– Collect analytics data to, for example, count how many visitors our website has and identify which pages you visit. We use this data for marketing and ressource management.

– Find out if our visitors easily adapt to modifications of our website.


Collected data thanks to cookies

Cookies help us gather information on how you use our website. We don’t keep any information allowing us to individually identify you in your personal data. We only use a session profile allowing us to identify you at your next connection to display your preferences.


Cookies types

– Session cookies: These cookies are temporarily kept on your device during a visiting session. They are deleted when you leave the website.

– Permanent cookies: These cookies stay longer on your device. Permanent cokies help us identify you for more than one navigation session,

Managing your cookies

Most web browsers’ menu have options allowing you to manage your cookies by configurating them. Generally, your web browser offers to:

– display your cookies;

– allow cookies;

– disable all cookies, or only specific ones;

– disable all cookies when you close your web browser;

– block cookies;

– be notified when you get a cookie.

Please note that if you choose to block our cookies, some website functionnalities will be disabled, such as login in or any interaction. Your navigation might be affected as well. If you configure your web browser options to delete all cookies, your navigation preferences will be deleted upon closing your web browser.


Please note that unless you’ve configured your web browser to refuse cookies, our system will emit cookies as soon as you load a page on our website.